Nomination, election and responsibilities of Directors

The following information is taken from our By-Laws. The complete By-Laws are available through our office by calling 332-0560.

When filled, the Board has fifteen Directors. The fifteenth place is 'reserved' for the Immediate Past President if there is one and if the Past President chooses to remain on the Board. Otherwise, that place may be filled by nomination/election for a one-year term. The Past President is also a member of the Executive Committee. A term is usually two years and a Director may serve a maximum of four (4) consecutive two-year terms. New Directors are given a comprehensive orientation.

Prospective Directors are nominated ...

  1. by the Nominating Committee, usually chaired by the Past President, or
  2. by any member of Community Living Sarnia-Lambton ('the Association') at the Annual General Meeting.

The Nominating Committee has the responsibility for attempting to have a 'balanced' Board, one that, as much as possible, represents all facets of our community.

The requirements for the election to the Board and for elected Directors are:

  1. a director must be 18 years of age or older and must be a member of the Association or become a member within 10 days of election/acclamation.
  2. the person nominated must accept the nomination;
  3. if nominated by an Association member at the AGM ('nominated from the floor'), the nomination must be seconded (supported) by another member;
  4. at that point, if there are more nominations than available positions, an election by secret ballot is held; otherwise, the nominees are acclaimed as Directors.

Note: From time-to-time, in order to maximize community representation, the Board may fill a vacant position with an 'unelected' director. Such appointments are subject to ratification by the general membership at the next AGM.

A Director has a number of responsibilities:

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